2011 – The Journey. Honouring the past, Harnessing the future

The Journey

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From the beginning of the concept, the Chinese proverb – A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step – was kept in mind. This is exactly what this exhibition is about. A few people took the first steps to create educational facilities, in various fields, which led through the years, to the birth of the Nelson Mandela University.

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase, in a snapshot, the history of the various institutions that led to the birth of the University.

The style of the exhibition is contemporary, minimalistic in appearance and focussing on the highlights of its journey.

The timeline illustrates, highlights and strengthens the theme. The sign of the “heartbeat” and “pulse” portrayed in the timeline represent each institution in a different colour.

2012 – Honour One, Inspire Many, Honorary Doctorates, Eastern Cape

Honour One, Inspire Many

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The exhibition focuses on the thirty five honorary doctorate recipients who were either born in the Eastern Cape, or who played a significant role in the Eastern Cape. This exhibition highlights and recognises the work that they have done towards creating a better society, in particular with regards to assistance to communities through their inspirational work done.

The slogan from the Obijwa Prayer “Teach us love, compassion and honour, that we may heal the world and heal each other” was adopted. The aim is to encourage more people to recognise the needs in society and to actively engage in rectifying the wrongs and to contribute towards building a better society.

The exhibition showcases artefacts, photographs, biographies and other interesting memorabilia of the said honorary doctorates.

2012 – Woman and Child

Woman and Child

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This exhibition focuses on the wellbeing and upliftment of women and children in our poor communities. It emphasises the need for the broarder community to stand up against women and child abuse and to assist our community where ever we see a need or a problem. We adopt the slogan “we are only as strong as our community is” which represents the need for communities to stand together in order for us to grow together.