June Udemans

June UdemansJune Udemans (30 June 1932 – 11 May 2011). June Muller was born into a working class family in Cape Town, but

the family soon moved to Upington, where she and her siblings spent their formative years.

The semi-rustic conditions and missionary education gave her the inclination to be studious with a life-long commitment to the world of learning, intellectual pursuits and a love of letters. June matriculated at Carlton van Heerden High School.

She completed her formal education at UCT where she read for a BA degree and Higher Teachers’ Diploma. At university she came into contact with the leadership of the Non-European Unity Movement and the Teachers League of South Africa which she soon joined as a member.

She belonged to the youth who were harnessed by the intellectual energy of the New Era Fellowship, the deliberate linkages to Langa Township and the Society of Young Africa.

She taught at South Peninsula High School and after relocating to Port Elizabeth she taught at Gelvandale, South End- and Bethelsdorp High Schools. In 1981 she became a lecturer at the Dower College of Education where she was detained during the State of Emergency in 1985. She was thereafter transferred to Bethelsdorp High, ostensibly as “punishment”, where she remained until her retirement.

Raymond Uren

Raymond Uren

This collection contains the documents, books, journals, articles, audio files, etc. of and about Dr Raymond Patrick Uren (11.05.1939 - 05.02 2011).

Dr Uren, previously the headmaster of Bethelsdorp High School, played a leading role in the founding of the Eastern Cape Teachers' Union. He was the chairperson of the Eastern Province Cricket Association and vice-president of the South African Cricket Board. He was awarded the Raymond Presidential Sport Award in recognition of his lifelong contribution to the sports struggle as well as the ICC “Catch the Spirit” medal for his outstanding service to cricket.

His restitution model, developed during his involvement in the Land Restitution Initiative in the nineties, was used as a model in many land restitution projects. In 2003 he participated in the General Motors Leadership programme for school principals. Conducted in partnership with the University, the programme was later registered as the National Certificate: Education in School Management and Leadership.

The collection is confidential. Please contact the Archives & Exhibition Centre for access to documents in this collection.