Mandela "Provoke" Exhibition

The Mandela Colloquium and extended projects is conceptually synchronised through the theme, Dalibhunga : This time? That Mandela? (Keet, 2018), which addresses the myriad of perceptions, images and discourses associated with the name Nelson Mandela across time and space. This theme invites interrogation, reflection and redefinition of this name and legacy, as a strategic inheritance and responsibility.

The Provoke|Ukuchukumisa|Daag-Uit exhibition positions itself as a legacy project, seeking to build on the impressions of Nelson Mandela by:

excavating Africa in the years of Mandela, exploring representation and signification through Mandela and fashion, and continuing the legacy of advocacy through Mandela and feminism.

Furthermore, the exhibition seeks to look at the past and present to enable change, social justice, in our future.

Nelson Mandela University’s Archives and Exhibition Centre, spearheaded this exhibition, with the aim to commemorate Nelson Mandela and the year of his centenary. This landmark occasion impels us as an institution to consider, with pride and responsibility, the legacy of our institutional name – Nelson Mandela University. In alignment with the official Centenary Project officiated by the institution, the Archives and Exhibition Centre presents an Exhibition in honour of Mandela’s Centenary Celebrations.

The purpose of the Exhibition Centre is to interpret and promote knowledge and understanding around the origins, aims and vision of the University. Throughout the years, we have accomplished this through numerous collaborations and joint projects with internal and external stakeholders. At its core, as with all our projects, this exhibition stands on three pillars: Scholarship, Advocacy and Visual Art interpretations.